Sản phẩm

Sản phẩm

  1. Angle Slotted Shelving

    Angle Slotted Shelving

    Slotted angle shelving is widely used in all the needs for the purpose of storage of various goods. There are no standard sizes or standard, can be customized according to customer requirements, easy installation in areas where space is tight.
  2. Profile shelves

    Profile shelves

    Vinarack specializes in manufacturing and distributing profile Shelves according to customer requirements. Profile Shelves are designed as slotted angle shelving can adjust the size of the platter, layer, depending on the size of document files and documents can easily manage each compartment, each sequence.
  3. Display shelves

    Display shelves

    In the room entirely devoted to the storage of books such as library, museum directory, archive records ... the shelves are usually permanently fixed to the wall or floor. Vinarack Display Shelves can be fixed or adjustable different location (mobile), in many cases at the request of the user.